Don’t let the fancy adverts misguide you.

Introduction to Computer Programming for young minds

Computer programming or coding is getting increasingly popular among kids these days. We are all inundated by multiple advertisements claiming to teach kids with the latest programming languages even to the point of misleading and misguiding.

While the advertisements may tend to overdo and oversell the value derived but there is no denying the fact that coding is indeed a great skill to acquire at an early age.

This is not just to help you pursue a career in programming or software but consider it like another essential skill that helps in all aspects of life like design, logical thinking…

A well qualified lead is gold for any business. Sales and marketing teams spend a lot their time and effort to validate the quality of lead. A 1% increase in conversion rate for leads could save thousands/millions of dollars for any organisation. It is not only about spending effort on leads that could convert but also saving effort on leads with low probability.

Machine learning and AI could help organisations in this endeavour.

The overall goal of this project is to assign a lead score to each of the leads such that the customers with higher lead score have a…

The overall goal of this project is to help the ministers focus on areas that will foster economic development for their respective states. Since the most common measure of economic development is the GDP, we will analyse the GDP of the various states of India and suggest ways to improve it

Understanding GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP) at current prices is the GDP at the market value of goods and services produced in a country during a year. In other words, GDP measures the ‘monetary value of final goods and services produced by a country/state in a given period of time’.



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